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Is this your first time here?

Use the same username & password that you use for the school computers.
If you can log into the school computers, then you can login to the Moodle.
They both use exactly the same authentication method.

If you cannot access information or do some work due to technical issues
· It is your own responsibility to take steps to fix issues; don't just ignore problems.
· Try to resolve your issue using the information below.
· If unresolved, get a signed note from your parents explaining the issue to your teacher.

The potential log-in problems are described below...

· The username pattern is usually your first name and your first surname.
  Don't forget to put a dot between them.
  Your username may contain ñ but it should not contain any accents.
  It should be all lowercase (no capital letters).

For example,  Emilio Sánchez Vicario would log in as emilio.sanchez
                       Ana de Armas García 
would log in as ana.dearmas
                       Néstor del Campo Diaz would log in as nestor.delcampo

· Do not add @bsgctafira.com to your username.
  That is only used when signing in to your school email account.
  (which is at http://mail.bsgctafira.com by the way).

You only ever have ONE password to remember. Your school computer login, school email and Moodle password are all syncronised with a special list called LDAP. If you have forgotten your password, you must see Mr Hay so he can edit the LDAP list and give you a new password.

Note: You cannot change your password in the Moodle or school email web interfaces - the profile settings and 'forgotten your password' features do not work. However, if Microsoft Windows ever prompts you to change your password at school, this will also change your password for Moodle and your school email automatically. Again, you only ever have ONE password.

If you can login but are stuck on your profile page
If you are able to login but cannot view any courses, and you are always shown your profile page instead, then this means that your profile set-up has not been completed yet. This can happen to new pupils who arrive later in the year. See Mr Hay.

If you can login at school, but not at home
If you are having trouble logging in only from home, it may be that your browser or firewall security has been set-up to reject 'cookies' (which are small text files that help the browser remember things). You must allow your browser to accept cookies, otherwise your login will not work properly.

For all other Moodle issues see the subject teacher first, and they will help you find what you are looking for.